About us – Bondi Bodi

Australia’s newest luxury indie skin care brand

“Your skin will love you”

Bondi Bodi is Australia’s newest upcoming indie cosmetics brand, producing luxury skin and body care products for families and individuals that demand the best. 

Dedicated to using natural organic ingredients where possible, which are 100% of  the time ethically sourced, sustainable with low impact on the environment. 

All products are designed and formulated with your family and our environment at the forefront of mind. 

Behind The Scenes – Reading The Small Print

Hi my name is Nicole and like many, when I became a mum in 2016 I started to pay more attention to the ingredients in the products we use around the house and put on our bodies.

Investing time investigating the small print on labels, it didn’t take long for me to realise that I had NO idea what MOST of the ingredients were! I am sure you have been there too. 

I just wanted to be sure that the products I was putting on myself and my kids were REALLY safe to use and put a little stress on the environment as possible. 

Well, I got really deep into the rabbit hole, researching every ingredient in every product that we brought into the house. 

Over the years I have learnt that just because I cannot pronounce it doesn’t mean it is bad.

If there are ill sounding words like ACID, doesn’t mean it should be avoided. 

I understand now, that things like preservatives don’t just increase shelf life, but more importantly are there to protect us, and that some artificial ingredients are harmless to us, and their inclusion over the natural, may be actually beneficial for the environment due to the way they are procured.

Skin Health + Earth Health 

Imagine the most luxurious body care products that don’t cost the earth. 

My husband Tim and I started experimenting together at home and learning cosmetic chemistry and developing skin care formulas that worked, and didn’t harm the world.

It’s fun working together and creating something we were both passionate about. 

Together we have gained a greater passion for our skin health, respect for the environment, and respect for transparency in labeling and business in general. 

Our waterways, oceans and beaches are a big part of life here in Australia and something we have always wanted to protect and keep clean. 

We understand the need for animal testing on a clinical level for pharmaceuticals and medicine, but animal testing is upsetting, even disgusting when done in the pursuit of cosmetic safety. 

For this reason, all the ingredients we chose are proven safe, and we did our best to ensure the suppliers, also adopt the same ethos.


“We spend more on premium ingredients and ensure they ethically sourced to deliver a products we are proud to stand behind”

~ Tim Goodwin

Bondi Bodi Was Born

Friends and family who used our products, encouraged us to make them available for purchase, so we took the leap! 

After spending the past year (2019) in our workshop researching and perfecting with our formulas, we are now 100% satisfied with body care range we have produced. 

We call the company Bondi Bodi, a tribute to beach loving Aussies. A name that is instantly recognizable as Australian when we hit the world stage, and a reflection of our environmental prospectus. 

In the future we aim to adopt programs and fund grants and other charitable ways to have a proactive impact on improving our waterways, oceans and beaches throughout Australia.

Where when and how it is made

For now we are a new small family run business, manufacturing Bondi Bodi products  out of our studio workshop in Sydney Australia. All the products are handcrafted and ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. 

All products are made fresh in small batches to keep inventory low and ensure you get the freshest produce. However, if you are a retailer or wholesaler reading this, looking for larger quantities,  we do have provisions to meet large order quantity through a partnership with co-packer should the need arise.

From Our Family To Yours

Now it’s your turn. We invite you to sample and fall in love with Bondi Bodi.

We are really happy and excited to share them with you and perhaps a little anxious, but looking forward to your critique. We hope to be a part of your daily skin care routine and are ready to listen to your feedback. 

So go ahead and try something new today!

Your skin will love you

– Nicole Goodwin


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